Artist: The most comprehensive analysis of cork flooring

<P>Many types of cork flooring, cork also has many advantages, but the disadvantages of cork flooring is obvious. Cork flooring is the biggest drawback is poor wear resistance, cork flooring paved, the general within 24 hours are not force, otherwise it will be deformed; cork flooring is the biggest enemy of high heels, trampled on high heels can not be repaired, but also There is cork flooring is more difficult to clean than other wooden flooring, so there are many consumers will choose to feel good solid wood flooring.</P>
<P>Geothermal series of cork flooring, subject to small temperature effects of the environment (heat-resistant range of -60 degrees to 80 degrees), thermal conductivity is better, can be completely suitable for geothermal heating, due to the unique structure of cork flooring, making it drastic changes in temperature and humidity Not split under the case does not Alice, not decay, not only applies to dry and cold in the north, but also for humid hot South.</P>
<P>Geothermal series floor used in the geothermal has a good sense of foot and excellent insulation effect, as if walking on the carpet, as pliable and warm. The surface of the water-based environmentally friendly PU paint imported from Germany, formaldehyde emissions reached the EO level, the luster are said to maintain a clear natural cork texture and color, compared with other paint, the same hardness, the paint film adhesion Strong, high elongation film, the fracture rate is lower than the UV paint, with strong water resistance.</P> "<a href=''>hollow decking and impact</a>,<a href=''>wood cladding over masonry walls</a>,<a href=''>3 mm wood plastic composite wall panel sale</a>"