Artist: environmentally friendly adhesives

<p>valuable after the market is cultivated You have a lawsuit with him,<a href=''>composite bender board in austria</a> and now we are fighting lawsuits with the United States and Anji on the Chinese floor. Intellectual property was originally a very good thing to protect your business, your investment in R \u0026 D and investment, and to protect you by law. For example, China is very respectful of people. China first bought a Swedish lock. Although it cost a million, he told me that Dazhuang was the first Chinese company to buy this technology and I went to see him.This reminds consumers not to buy the floor price of less than 70 yuan / square meter. [url=]wood deck flooring philippines[/url]Some consumers do not fully understand this. The relevant </p>
<p>departments to strengthen the floor, wooden floor quality sampling showed that most qualified are some brand-name products at reasonable prices, while the unqualified are mostly unknown floor products.<a href=''>exterior grade wood panel synthetic</a> In order to reduce the cost of these products using unqualified, non-environmentally friendly adhesives, the use of poor quality substrates, unqualified wear-resistant layer and cheap quality decorative paper,[url=]span of 2x8 deck beams[/url] resulting in product formaldehyde emissions greatly exceeded, the product's wear resistance can not be achieved Requirements, the product's moisture resistance and even delamination and other serious quality problems. Self-test method to </p>
<p>strengthen the floor: take a small piece of floor,<a href=''>timber suppliers in costa del sol</a> with sandpaper on the surface friction, poor quality products will soon be worn out revealing decorative paper; sawing open the floor, observe the cross-section substrate color and smell, color was Wood color,[url=]decking boards seconds for corridor in liverpool[/url] can smell the smell of wood without special pungent odor products are qualified products. Consumer Tips: Should go to the formal building materials market to buy the floor, the best choice for large-scale, high-profile brand-name products with quality assurance system certification; the second is to see the product manual or test report, compare the product's cost performance; three Is to ask for </p>