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<p>products are not only popular in the domestic market but also successfully knocked open the doors to foreign markets. A large number of foreign projects have come to discuss and cooperate with Yusen Wood.<a href=''>diy wall panels</a> By chance, doing cross-border business these days[url=]images of composite decking in basement[/url], Hefei Yusen Wood Co., Ltd. Chairman Cao Changren a little busy. In addition to handling the daily affairs of the company, he also has to rush to urge the relevant responsible persons of the enterprise to do well the supply of two newly signed international projects. Late last year, the company successfully contracted an airport construction project in Mozambique and a wooden </p>
<p>stadium supply project for a stadium in Zimbabwe. The products involved in the production of wooden doors, wood floors and panels have been supplied in the first half of this year. 'In fact,<a href=''>plastic chair ends that uses wood boards</a> this is not the first time we have done a cross-border business.' Cao Changren introduced as early as a few years ago, Yusen Wood took over the many embassies in Afghanistan, Benin Administration Building,[url=]prefab outdoor stairs wood[/url] University of Technology in Malawi And other projects related to the supply of wood products list, 'Some business until now are still doing.' Talking about multinational business, Cao Changren said that it was only a lucky coincidence. As early as ten years ago, </p>
<p>Yusen Wood paid great attention to product quality. Because of this, a customer who used Yusen Wood Products recommended Cao Changren to bid for the supply of wood products to the Afghan Embassy. The result was successfully won.<a href=''>polymer composite faux wood</a> Yusen Wood Products has since entered the international market. From the shops to 29 outlets recall the original business experience, Cao Changren feeling a lot. Twenty years ago,[url=]heavy hopea decking review[/url] Cao Changren put all his 3,000 yuan into the business and built a 20-square-meter board shop. 'From the general manager to the Purchasing Guide and then to the after-sales service, are all I am responsible for.' Cao Changren said that </p>