Artist: mechanical properties, rich product personality

<p >freeloaders. To choose a brand, the credibility of the product especially in recent years, the national sampling qualified brand. The floor to measure the quality of products and services is excellent, but also related to enterprise qualification, such as whether through the ISO9001 certification of quality management, whether through environmental protection ISO14001 and Chinese environmental product certification mark, the products of its customer service </p>
<p >service and product quality can be guaranteed. ?[Remind six ]parties to maintain their own rights and interests ?Authority analysis: safeguard own rights and interests should do the following: 1. Sign a clear contract with the operator for sales and installation services, including product quality, installation acceptance clause, warranty period and warranty and so on; 2. To keep as accurately as possible the records of the negotiations with the manufacturer and the </p>
<p >products in question in the event of a dispute; 3. Pay attention to asking for warranty card, certificate of conformity, sales invoice; 4. When consumers have doubts about the purchased products, they can go to the National Center for quality Supervision and Inspection of Wood-based panels for testing and identification; 5. If there is a consumer dispute, you can complain to consumer associations at all levels, and report to the administrative law enforcement department of the state. </p>

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