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<p>infringing will be sentenced to infringement.<a href=''>composite decking gets hot crossword</a> Lock technology is the core technology in the field of the floor, the world's only three companies have the floor lock technology core patent, Yan Jialong is the only Chinese enterprises. Yan Jialong in April 2006 developed a completely different from the traditional floor lock technology, more simple and practical patented technology, has in China,[url=]tongue and groove composite decking canada[/url] the United States, Canada, Japan and more </p>
<p>than 50 countries have applied for a patent. Before the 'hit it off', the global floor lock technology was monopolized by two companies, Unilin Belgium and Sweden Valinge.<a href=''>hickory hardwood flooring install</a> In the past 10 years alone, the two companies have won billions of dollars in revenues through patent licensing and tort compensation.[url=]costs of metal porch railings in uganda[/url] At that time, the flooring industry in China lacked the core technology and had to pay huge royalty fees to them. However, this </p>
<p>phenomenon has been greatly improved by the birth of the[url=]wood plastic composite sawdust[/url] 'hit it off' technology: at least, China's flooring industry is exempt from paying $ 300 million in patent infringement damages, and the floor license fees for the two floor giants in China also dropped from $ 1 per square meter to $ 0.65 . Faced with this situation, <a href=''>images of decks for above ground round pools</a>the international flooring giant sit still, began to stir up disputes in all major markets. Under the guidance of the government </p>