Artist: Market supply and demand to promote stainless steel pipe prices

<p>In the second half of 2016, the capacity-to-capacity of the stainless steel industry accelerated somewhat. However, the Company continued to eliminate its long-term capacity shutdown with little impact on its effective capacity and output. Since the beginning of this year, the national investment in infrastructure construction is expected to increase in temperature. The demand for superposition in March and April has been improving. The demand for stainless steel terminals has shown an active state.<a href="">Stainless Steel Sheet Price List</a></p>
<p>As of the end of February, the terminal stainless steel purchases for the same period in recent years, high level, demand start-up time earlier than in previous years. As stainless steel prices rose sharply, the profitability of stainless steel mills improved, the current national stainless steel mills face up to 86.5%. Profit improvement led stainless steel plant operating rate stabilized, the demand for iron ore more. The current profit of steel 700-800 yuan / ton, at a higher level of profits.<a href="">Stainless Steel Sheet-Coil Products List</a></p>
<p>High profits prompted the downstream steel mills to maintain a high blast furnace operating rate, stimulating demand. Steel prices rose sharply, led the iron ore prices continued to rise. In the high-quality ore supply, according to Shihong Wei disclosed that for a long time, the domestic iron ore industry is highly dependent on imported ore. In 2016, the total import of iron ore increased by 7.5% over the same period of previous year. The output of the four major international mining giants is 1.15 billion tons of ore, of which 855 million tons are exported to China, accounting for 83.5% of China's 1.024 billion tons of total iron ore imports in 2016.<a href="">Factory Price Flat Bar For Sale</a></p>
<p>Since August 2016, the harbor iron ore stocks have remained at a high level of over 100 million tons. As of March 10, the country's major ports of iron ore inventories reached 127 million tons of high. Over the same period, the average number of days of imports of iron ore enterprises stocks up to 29 days, at a high level. High iron ore prices in the context of the stock market has aroused widespread concern in the market. It seems in the industry, which is closely related to the structural shortage in the ore market.[url=]chapa galvanizada de tamaño de chapa de acero galvanizada[/url]</p>