Artist: Teach you the floor protection

<P>Keep the floor dry and clean, avoid flooding, rain, damp, if the floor surface stains, wipe with a cotton swab can not wipe, do not use wet mop, alkaline water, soap and other corrosive liquids and gasoline, easy Ene articles and high temperature liquid wipe.</P>
<P>If you accidentally pour water or missing water on the ground, it must be promptly wiped with a dry soft cloth, wipe clean and can not be directly exposed to the sun or electric baking, so as not to dry too fast, dry floor.</p>
<P>Paving the floor after the sun should try to feed the direct sun and strong storm blowing, so as to avoid excessive paint exposure to ultraviolet rays early dry and aging. Overweight items should be placed on a smooth. Furniture and heavy objects shall not be hard to push and pull, drag and drop, should be lifted and moved gently.</P> "<a href=''>decking companies in dubai</a>,<a href=''>stair railing price per foot</a>,<a href=''>waterproof diy decking boards or outdoor use</a>"