Artist: Wood floor installation process needs to be meticulous

<P>Choose a good weather is the premise of dress waxing, because the role of temperature on the floor wax will have an impact Oh. Then clear the floor trash and stolen goods, keep the floor clean and tidy. Remind, can not use the floor wax scavenger to clean Oh, it will make the floor produce marks stains and bulging. Need to prepare the floor waxing tools are resin floor wax, masking tape, waxing special Mop, solvent (urea-formaldehyde water, solvent-resistant gloves, plastic shovels, bamboo shovel and so on.</P>
<P>Solid wood floor waxing process can be divided into three steps: 1, vacuuming: remove the floor surface attachments and some adhesives, glue, cement, paint and so on. 2, cleaning: electric mop, sauna machine, sterilization, cleaning, no damage to the floor. 3, waxing: for different floors, using different wax, are all coated wax.</P>
<P>Floor waxing is completed, the floor wax drying, do not walk on the floor. Drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. Can check whether the leakage Tu, appropriate Tu make-up. Such as the use of two waxing method, the second time to be completely dry after the first smear.</P>
<P>If the home has solid wood flooring, we can consider the above two steps. I believe everyone in the understanding of solid wood flooring polished and solid wood floor waxing, to be able to dress up their own home better.</P> "<a href=''>patio furniture and composite decking</a>,<a href=''>wood floor pallet malaysia supplier directory</a>,<a href='http://CarteretEducationAssociat...ce/1297.html'>wpc grooved decking for external use</a>"