Artist: To prevent the water floor surface drums

<P>Control of wooden floor moisture content, the moisture content should not exceed 12%. Fine joinery concrete or insulation materials must be dried before laying on the floor.</P>
<P>Set the vents properly. Wooden joists should be connected to the slot, and the floor surface vents connected to the floor surface vents each not less than two, skirting vents on each side of not less than two, vents should be kept open, Eli Air circulation.</P>
<P>Wood floor under the floor (that is, the floor), sutures should be properly opened, usually 2 ~ 5mm, the surface should be planed, adjacent sutures should be staggered, around the wall from about 10 ~ 15mm. Between the wood surface layer and the wall should leave 1Omm gap, skirting or skirting materials.</P>
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