Artist: How to pick the kitchen floor

<P>1, moisture resistance: the kitchen is a very humid place, while the water vapor is one of the invisible killers of the wooden floor. Moisture-proof performance of the floor, once the moisture into, it will cause Alice edge, bulging, corrosion and other phenomena, damage the life of the wooden floor. Therefore, the purchase of kitchen wood flooring, we must choose a good moisture-proof flooring. In the pavement, to choose a special moisture-proof mats to improve the moisture resistance of the kitchen floor.</P>
<P>2, fire resistance: kitchen with wooden floor, to prevent fire is very important. Choose kitchen wood flooring, to use good fire performance of the wooden floor, and additional brushing fire retardant coating. It is recommended to install 5-6 times when installing wood flooring fire retardant coating. Optional floor, you can also use the lighter burning means to test the fire performance of the wooden floor.</P> "<a href=''>waterproof anti slip easy flooring</a>,<a href=''>green composite deck screws</a>,<a href=''>outdoor wood composite sheet</a>"