Artist: light-enhanced wood flooring

<p>Nowadays, more and more flooring companies are beginning to favor the third and fourth-tier markets and even the rural market. At the provincial and municipal level,<a href=''>pool deck images and ideas</a> the agents hope to develop the second-level distributors, and the second-level urban agents will radiate to the county market to seek new growth points for profit. Low market operating costs As the investment in building stores,[url=]slippery composite deck solutions[/url] first and second-tier cities invest more, </p>
<p>and decoration and design cost manufacturers are often to rebate or physical form of subsidies to dealers, dealers assume a greater operational risk. According to dealers' analysis,<a href=''>lumber needed for 12x12 deck</a> the brands in the first-tier and second-tier cities have certain requirements for dealers' storefronts,[url=]free deck plans with pavillion[/url] and some even require large stores. Some dealers revealed that the off-season store sales are not enough to pay rent and property expenses. From the perspective of </p>
<p>input-output ratio, the efficiency is not high. <a href=''>wpc swimming pool decking ideas</a>It is understood that first-tier and second-tier city floor dealers should build a 100-square-meter middle-and-high-end brand specialty store, which requires at least 500,000 startup funds, and only design expenses, templates, accessories, materials, etc.[url=]average price of plastic deck[/url] -1000 yuan/square meter, the rent is paid quarterly and a one-month deposit is added. The construction of a 100-square-meter storefront in </p>