Artist: Wood floor cleaning and maintenance

<P>In the floor cutting too tight or slightly bent the floor of the situation, the installation of large resistance, if the installation of the striking force is too large and uneven, easily lead to the partial edge of the film jagged off. When using the keel to install multi-layer solid wood floor, if the nail hit the tongue, the convex surface of the parcel here there will be convex parcels, in severe cases there edge chipping edge phenomenon.</P>
<P>The first measure to take the first phenomenon is to use a floor head when the module against the floor to be installed, and then tap the module with a rubber hammer, so that the floor close to each other, pay attention to tapping the force to be uniform. The second phenomenon needs to be installed from the side of the tongue and groove can be solved. At the same time, floor professionals remind, installers and users should be carefully checked after paving, if chipping, should be promptly replaced.</p>
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