Artist: Outlook of stainless steel

<p>The us bombing of Syria will lead to a significant weakening in the dollar phase, with the impact of the oil boom continuing to rise. As the war escalated, the market expected the United States will sanctions against Russia more goods, nickel or will be affected, if LME forbids the use of Russian nickel late delivery, it will undoubtedly exacerbate global nickel market supply is tight, so will no doubt be formed strong push for nickel.</p>
<p>Although the previous tariff incident in the United States has eased recently, Taiwan's control of stainless steel from the mainland is still in a state of confirmation, but the tightening of domestic funds is becoming more and more clear. In April, the CBRC began to conduct a half-year credit audit of major Banks, and the policies of major Banks were continuously tightened. Financial credit will be in the center of the regulatory storm, and loan use will begin to be restricted. In the second quarter, the quota will be tightened, the interest will rise gradually, the threshold will be increased, the loan is difficult, the loan is strict, and the loan is not sufficient. This is bound to the current market high inventory and the electronic disk high position is bearish, everyone understand that these are the &quot;gold mountain silver mountain&quot; with the fund.</p>
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