Artist: High calcium fly ash mill

<p>High calcium fly ash is a kind of fly ash with higher calcium oxide composition when used as fuel for lignite and subbituminous coal in thermal power plants. In addition, some power plants will add a certain amount of limestone powder when burning coal, and the fly ash discharged after the high temperature calcining in the furnace is also called high calcium fly ash. With the development of power industry in China, the emission of high calcium fly ash is increasing year by year. How to make use of high calcium fly ash has become a concern of many enterprises.</p>
<p>In the chemical composition of high calcium fly ash, calcium oxide, free calcium oxide and sulphur content are high. Compared with low calcium fly ash, vitreous body in the high calcium fly ash content is higher, and contains a small amount of clinker minerals, volcanic activity is high, has certain self hardening, high compressive strength, small water demand, fineness of sieve small margin. Nowadays, high calcium fly ash has been used in building materials industry, construction engineering, municipal engineering, road engineering, mine backfilling, plastic industry, military industry and so on. Special flour mill with high calcium fly ash will be given priority after the original grey or separation of crude ash mixture of ultrafine grinding, make it has a certain hydraulic activity, can produce the preparation of high performance concrete advanced blending superfine ash, achieve the goal of high calcium fly ash fully utilized, create greater economic benefits.</p>
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