Artist: Huawei Announces New 100GE Fabric TOR Switch

Recently, Huawei announced new products for its 100GE Fabric TOR switches at CeBIT 2016 (Hanover Consumer Electronics, Information and Communication Expo), including the 3GB ultra-large cache TOR switch CE6870 and the industry's highest density 25GE/100GE TOR switch CE6860.

As the core device of the "100GE Connect + End-to-End Buffer" and "100GE Connect + 25GE Access" solutions, the CE6870 and CE6860 will enable customers to achieve more stable and efficient network interconnection in the cloud computing era.

With the rise of cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, video and search services are booming. At the same time as the dramatic increase in network traffic, it exhibits features such as dynamic fluctuations and irregular bursts. How to deal with sudden surges in traffic and provide more reliable network services?

Based on the above challenges, Huawei announced the new 100GE Fabric new TOR switches CE6870 and CE6860, aiming to create a more comprehensive 100GE Fabric data center network for customers and respond flexibly to business needs.

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