Artist: domestic flooring companies are expected

<p>Strengthened Timber Flooring:<a href=''>wood plastic composite for injection molding</a> The mainstay of market sales accounted for 57.55% of the total market sales in 2008.[url=]composite deck pricing installed[/url] In the first half of this year, the market was weak, people were more cautious about buying flooring, and the “shrinkage” of housing renovation costs led to Consumers who originally planned to purchase solid wood flooring are now also considering buying laminate flooring. With the gradual recovery of the economy, </p>
<p>various costs have gradually increased.<a href=''>how to build raised flower beds using composite</a> Although hardwood flooring is highly competitive, sales are still considerable. The profitability of laminate flooring has become increasingly transparent, and the price war has intensified. As a result, the price of laminate flooring has dropped to 30 yuan per square meter for a certain period of time, and profits have thinned. Once the high profits have been difficult to show again,[url=]how to build a corral for cattle out of wood deckings[/url] dealers can only </p>
<p>work hard on sales. If the purchaser only needs 10-20 square meters,<a href=''>old wood exterior floor</a> the dealer removes other fees and the profit is basically zero, which the dealer will not do. Looking back at the floor price of several hundred yuan per square meter a decade ago, the high profit allowed dealers to dig into the first pot of gold. As the floor price dropped, profits shrank dramatically, and many dealers withdrew from the flooring industry.[url=]how to install wood panel flooring that looks[/url] Laminate flooring </p>