Artist: Huawei S1700-24-AC Fast Ethernet Switch

An Ethernet switch is a switch device that transmits data over Ethernet and has a certain application in many fields. Ethernet switch products have been increasing in recent years, and each product type has its own product features. Today Xiaobian introduced a Huawei S1700-24-AC 100M Ethernet switch for everyone. Let's take a look at the specific introduction.

The Huawei S1700-24-AC is a 100M Ethernet switch for small and medium-sized enterprise users. Convenient management and maintenance Huawei S1700 provides convenient management and maintenance methods. The PC is easy to operate. The front panel has a "one-button operation" button. , Short press restart, long press to restore the factory configuration.

Huawei S1700 supports 24 10/100Mbps adaptive Ethernet electrical ports; AC power supply; packet forwarding rate: 3.6Mpps. Huawei S1700 provides a full range of MAC addresses up to 8K, providing the conditions for subsequent expansion of enterprise users. It greatly facilitates the user's expansion and application.

With the powerful networking and bandwidth expansion capabilities of the Huawei S1700, the Huawei S1700 provides LACP, STP/RSTP, and MSTP functions, which can effectively implement link expansion and backup. The SNMP managed switch supports up to 8 MSTP instances for worry-free networking.

Huawei S1700 adopts "light+electricity" GE uplinks for most models, which facilitates flexible access to customers and significantly increases the price/performance ratio. The S1700 series provides up to 8K MAC addresses, which provides the conditions for subsequent expansion of enterprise users.

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