Artist: May nickel price range fluctuates

Since the beginning of 2018, nickel prices and nickel prices and stainless steel prices have deviated from the price of stainless steel since the beginning of 2018. It reappeared in mid-April. At the time, RUSAL was fermented by the United States, causing the market to fear that the sanctions would affect Russia and nickel and quickly boost nickel prices. However, the price of 300-series stainless steel, which was obviously imbalanced between supply and demand at that time, kept falling.

Nickel sulphate - The battery industry chain has a brief paragraph on the nickel price, which is more clear. Nickel pig iron - stainless steel industry chain turned bad or stable uncertainty. SMM is pessimistic about the absolute nickel price in May-June.

China's battery-grade nickel sulphate and nickel plate spreads will continue to narrow in May

In May, the price difference between China's battery-grade nickel sulphate equivalents (divided by 22% nickel nickel sulphate) and nickel sheet prices will continue to narrow in May. In early May, the premiums of the two products were once narrowed to 15,000 yuan/tonne nickel. Judging from its fundamentals, the price trend of nickel sulphate in battery grades weakened in May. Firstly, under the background of financial deleveraging, the ternary precursor plant faced a long-term and slow-to-retarded fund dilemma for downstream materials and battery plants. The low-end model (NCM333) material factory received poor orders, which also reduced the amount of raw material purchases. Second, the profit of the ternary precursor plant is weaker than that of the nickel sulphate plant, and it also provides conditions for the declining price of nickel sulphate.

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