Artist: Changsha kiln green glaze four-foot cover furnace

Song, 8.5cm high, 8cm caliber, 8.3cm foot diameter. Cover the model of ancient bronze ware, closed mouth, straight abdomen, folding bottom, under four feet. Cover surface uplift is helmet shape, adorn bead button, all around adorn a long strip hollow-out, cover face part adorns brown color. Blue glaze applied to the body, less than the bottom of the glaze, blue in the glaze yellow, gentle and gentle, the glaze has a small opening. This kind of furnace is also known as incense, for incense use. The cover of the furnace is often decorated with engraving, and the incense is placed in the furnace. Porcelain incense smoke began in the eastern wu, more popular in the six dynasties, more tray, large furnace body, cover hole, generous style. Tang after the tray changed to three or five feet, hollow out small and dense. Changsha kiln also known as the copper official kiln, wangcheng kiln, tile slag ping kiln, because of changsha city jurisdiction, so called changsha kiln.
Changsha kiln was created and burned in the middle tang dynasty and flourished in the late tang dynasty and the five dynasties. The decorative techniques of changsha kiln porcelain include engraving flowers, pattern printing applique, sculpture and underglaze decoration, among which underglaze color is the most famous. The color materials used are mainly green color with copper oxide as coloring agent and brown color with iron oxide as coloring agent. According to the method of color painting, it can be divided into four types: brown spot pattern under glaze, green spot pattern under glaze, green color pattern under glaze and brown and green color pattern under glaze. The shape of this device is regular and generous, the body of the tire is heavy, and the cover surface is decorated with brown color under the glaze. It is now in the Palace Museum.
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