Artist: Mining machinery industry grinding machine

<p>With the development of social economy, the mining machinery industry momentum of rapid, is no less mill industry, emerge a batch of and a group of elite enterprises, China powder technology from powder production, scientific research and development progress of the application and equipment manufacturing speed is very fast, there have been new equipment, new products on the market, showing strong vitality and vigor. In the next 10 to 20 years, the Chinese flour mill product will also play a prominent role in the international market, with independent technology, independent brand of Chinese products will be more and more, China's mill products need to continuously improve product added value, make the mill "made in China" from "low simple" image into the image of "high quality and durable", to show people in the international market.</p>
<p>After years of development and evolution, including mill equipment, product technology grows, produce generation after generation of high-tech products, Q5 euro enhanced mill series is my company the launch of the new developed and has a large number of international advanced technology level of high-end equipment, is the collection of science and technology, innovation, quality, environmental protection in a high performance, high efficiency mill!</p>
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