Artist: Bamboo fiber

<p>Bamboo fiber integrated wall in the end is good or not - good strength properties Bamboo-wood fiber integrated wallboard is a polymer composite material, so it has good elasticity, and it also has <a href="">advantages of 3d composite wall panels</a> mechanical and mechanical properties such as pressure resistance and bending resistance. Secondly, its durability performance is better than other materials. Compared with solid wood, the surface hardness of bamboo wood fiber board is better than the hardness of solid wood surface, as well as water resistance and corrosion resistance, and its service life is longer.</p> <p> Bamboo fiber integrated wall in the end is <a href="">low maintenance least expensive deck railing lowes</a> good or bad - rich patterns, diverse styles The surface of the bamboo fiber integrated wall surface can be made into a variety of patterns because it is specially treated. At the same time, it can also be made into a wide variety of wood, wallpaper and other styles required for wall and ceiling, replacing wallpaper and traditional paint wall decoration materials, so that not only can make the room more environmentally friendly but also more beautiful.</p> <p> Bamboo fiber integrated wall in the end is good or not - environmental protection, recycling Because bamboo-wood fiber integrated wallboard is made of green material, it has no toxic substances and dangerous chemical components and no preservatives, so it will not cause pollution to indoor air. Secondly, bamboo fiber integrated <a href="">natural fibre plastic composite never rot</a> wallboard can also be recycled and used again.</p>