Artist: bamboo fiber wall

<p>The advantages of bamboo fiber wall The installation of bamboo fiber wall can be completed without shoveling walls and moving soil, and it is very convenient to install. At the same time, there is <a href="">green composite board price Belgium</a> no formaldehyde, no paint, no glue on the bamboo fiber wall, and it is truly clean and environmentally friendly. The bamboo-wood fiber wall not only combines European art but also integrates Chinese historical and cultural features, showing the new trend of the times. Second, there are layers of bamboo fiber wall surface, people can experience a full range of audio-visual touch, but also a very good home <a href="">wood plastic villas</a> decoration materials. </p> <p>The disadvantage of bamboo fiber wall surface is that if bamboo fiber wall surface with lines on the surface is used in the kitchen and bathroom, because the space is small and not ventilated, then its surface is prone to accumulate grease and dirt during prolonged use.</p> <p> Damage to bamboo fiber wall surface is relatively large. Under normal circumstances, the specifications of bamboo-wood fiber wall are divided into: flat plate width 30cm long 3m, concave-convex plate width 15cm long 3m, it is necessary to spliced, and at the same time there will be a long thin line at the seam. If some people like to <a href="">cost to build 16ft by 24 ft treated wood deck with rail</a> decorate with a whole piece of static, it is not suitable.</p>