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<p>the general height of the cabinet - the basic concept of the relationship between the height of the cabinet formula is: cabinet height = adjust the foot + cabinet + table, in accordance with Asian body <a href="">fake timber decking for boats</a> shape design, cabinet height of 800mm or so, adjust the height of the foot in the 100mm table height 10mm, the height of the counter is 650mm, and if it is higher, it can be 175mm. The height of the cabinet is generally high - the width of the width of the countertop cabinet surface can directly determine the user's comfort during use.</p> <p> Most designers usually design the width of the countertop according to the lady at home. The width of <a href="">porch vinyl ceiling panels</a> the normal cabinet countertop should not be less than 900mm. *460mm.the general height of the cabinet - the size of the countertop cabinet minimum size must be 200mm wide, the maximum should not exceed 600mm wide, while the height of the <a href="">home depot white vinyl fence panels</a> cabinet door is between 200mm-700mm, mainly based on the height of the cabinet and skirting board to determine, also Some drawers, cabinets and the like have been properly designed.</p> <p> What is the general height - the height of the table surface height of the market table 65mm, 75mm, and 80cm, the normal standard is 80mm, our height and living habits are very different, to buy the table height is like the story of the pony across the river In the same way, do not listen to what others say is the standard height of the table, according to their own requirements, choose <a href="">building a wood bench with back</a> the right height of their own table.</p>