Artist: revitalization and development of the flooring

<p>contribution to the revitalization and development of the flooring industry in Northeast China. contribution. Reporter: After listening to the introduction of Secretary-General Bai Hong, I believe that this year's Expo will definitely be worth looking forward to.<a href=''>how to build bench wall seating</a> In advance, I wish the Shenyang (International) Flooring Fair 2008 to be successfully held. Bai Hong: Thank you, but also very much thank Focus Network for providing such a very good platform for everyone, but also wish the focus network better and better.
Moderator: This time, Hongyan and </p>
<p>Liheng cooperated with each other. I don��t know if this is the only kind of cooperation between companies. I��d like to talk about what the cooperation between the two parties is based on, that is, the cooperation between the two parties. reason. Li Wei: Since Hongnai is strengthening the floor, we all know that the project we are investing in is parquet, and some people think that it is not a supplement to the macro-resistant category, but it is not. It should be said that this is an external capital investment of ours. It is to invest in the field of parquet,<a href=''>plastic winter deck enclosures</a> and it is </p>
<p>a goal to create a professional solid wood composite flooring brand. It should be said that the macro-resistance here is not the brand of macro-resistant, but the macro-resistant company, an investment in macro-resistant group.<a href=''>sq ft price for composite deck</a> Please click here to enter the full text
Restructuring the Industrial Clusters Blueprint Construction ��Waterless Harbor�� Extending the Industrial Chain Crossing the Forest Over RMB 20 Billion Economic Zone Fan Yanqing's Flooring Furniture Industry Development Strategy Briefing Meeting Changzhou Daily News </p>