Artist: Huawei HDMI Wireless Extension Solution Based on Huawei Hisense

Maxtor's wireless HDMI solution consists of a set of transmitters and receivers. In terms of transmission, the video data is compressed with Huawei's JPEG2000 video codec, combined with audio and then converted into packets and encrypted, and then transmitted through the MAC and PHY chips.

The RF chip transmits data to the receiver over the air, and the HDMI video data is decompressed and presented on the display device through the HDMI port. The final HDMI interface chip and audio processor are designed to ensure that the user can obtain the highest quality audio and video experience.

Design features include non-invasive operations that allow the device to penetrate the wall and extend into multiple rooms for wireless communication. It also has tens of millions of times better transmission quality than other wireless networks, and the transfer rate can be as high as 480 Mbps to support the requirements. The most demanding high-definition video.

Inputs to video devices can be HDMI, component video, composite video, and analog audio. The output to HDTV is the HDMI v1.2a industry standard. Supports the complete HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) specification, which enables playback of protected content on certified monitors.

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