Artist: Style of incense burner

The style of censer is many, have big, small, square, circle, long, short differ; The quality materials also have copper, iron, tin, stone, ceramic, to show that the price is different; It is engraved with different patterns and characters, indicating different USES. In the family for the ancestral tablets, there is a incense burner on the end of the table. If a buddhist offers a Buddha statue at home, don't forget to put a incense burner. Taoists also use incense burners for incense burning. There are many kinds of incense burners with different shapes for burning different incense in different places. For example, the large censer at the center of the hall or outside the gate of the hall is mostly made of metal or stone, such as copper and iron. Incense burners on the altar in the main hall, of bronze, stone or porcelain, were used to burn sandalwood incense. In the main hall of the buddhist temple, there is a rectangular plate with a small incense burner which burns sandalwood incense. In front of the plate, there is an embroidered stove, which is very solemn and beautiful. When the buddhist affairs of the main hall are over, if you want to worship in another hall, the waiter will carry the furnace tray and the monk will then go to the hall to offer incense. Lie the incense burner is suitable for home believers with temple, there are the two kinds of copper, porcelain, the joss stick the following a period of bamboo chopping, lie flat on burning incense burner, the ash furnace from dust and dirty sweets. Small wooden lotus shaped censers with long handles. Only one incense stick can be inserted, it is to carry on the buddhist ceremony, let master dharma monk and master zhai in the hand, called the hand stove. There are also special incense burner, shaped like a box of incense burner, most of them are copper cast, divided into three layers, the lower layer of incense burner model apparatus, the middle layer of incense burner, the upper layer of incense burner; Most of the models are "longevity" or "joy" characters of the seal character, cast into continuous zigzag pattern, about 0.40 cm thick. Put the incense powder on the model and make a beautiful pattern. It's very elegant to light it up, cover it with a lid and let it burn in sequence. This kind of incense burner, rarely used for Buddha or ancestor worship, used in the book to burn incense. Incense burners have a long history in Chinese society. They used to be used only for burning incense. Later, they were collected by people who are fond of ancient things. Therefore, the incense burner, with its long history, precious materials and exquisite carving, has lost its significance of burning incense.
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