Artist: Where to produce iron and steel mill casting coal powder vertical coal grinder

<p>"Industrial green power" is the climax of the current urban development plans to introduce, each region has a large capacity pulverized coal preparation of hot flashes, and gradually formed a complete coal washing, coal powder preparation, logistics distribution, boiler transformation, such as industrial chain, realize the sustainable development of social economy green low carbon. The annual output of coal powder preparation center should not be less than 1 million tons, which poses a great challenge to the processing equipment and production process. Liming heavy industries launched the total package service of clean coal powder preparation project to ensure the orderly implementation of the project.</p>
<p>Vertical mill of a complete set of coal grinding system is the core of the project, equipped with CO - O2 online analysis system, roller hydraulic device and automatic electric control device, make whole pulverizing process safety and efficiency, intelligence, and energy conservation and environmental protection.</p>
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