Artist: Huawei routing A1 transmission capability is powerful

From the outside, Huawei A1's design is excellent. It has a rounded design, elegant and rounded body is separated by a metallic belt at the golden section.

And it uses a built-in antenna design, from the outside, it is difficult to distinguish it is a router. Concise and restrained, it is the best generalization of Huawei's A1 routing. This design is very consistent with the minimalist concept of modern homes.

In addition to its appearance, Huawei Router A1 has the minimalist style of modern homes. In terms of functionality, Huawei's routing A1 also gives consumers the enjoyment of beauty. It has built-in high-performance dual-band antenna, users do not need to consider the antenna placement angle, the signal coverage is broader.

2.4G and 5G dual-band WiFi are equipped with two powerful independent signal amplifiers respectively. Compared to the ordinary route without independent signal amplifiers, the signal passing through the wall and the coverage ability are improved by as much as 50%, and signals are more easily accepted, making the Internet more efficient.

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