Artist: The black glaze fuming furnace

Every time I go to the museum, I feel a lot of emotion when I see the old things left by my predecessors. When you look at objects that have been washed by the waves of history, you wonder what kind of stories they will have. Consider this image: only one house has a solitary light on in a quiet night. You sat the window, the hand scroll down to read, and sometimes have the breeze is blowing your hair, and sometimes there are flowers rhyme ethereal, fragrant, fine smelling the air more and more light of sandalwood, as if place oneself in the empty open land, unconsciously turn to see the case a few on the incense burner, the spices is running out, if see if there is no smoke, a wisp, two of...
It is impossible for modern society to return to the rural life, and tao has no idea of his daily life of "picking chrysanthemum under the east fence and seeing the south mountain leisurely". But after busy, can burn a furnace of incense to make a pot of tea, a book, a person, rely on the window you alone, feel the feelings of people in ancient times, stretch all day of restlessness and anxiety.

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