Artist: How to repair solid wood floor scraping?

<P>Floor essential oils. If there is a lighter scratch on the solid wood floor, it is recommended to use floor oil to treat it. The floor oil can protect the floor, so that slight scratches will not be darkened. Start work: Find the scratched and worn wooden floor. For the worn wooden floor, first grind the surface with wet sandpaper with water and sandpaper, but do not grind too deeply. Do not wet the wooden surface and then wipe it with a dry cloth.</P>
<P>If you want to re-play the crystal, you must first completely grind the old crystal, absorb the dust of the net wood dust, and wipe the old wooden rake completely dry with a damp cloth. After the floor is completely dry, use a soft bristles to spread the crystal oil evenly. On this floor, it will take a few hours to completely dry out; if air bubbles appear after repair, it can be lightly rubbed off with young sandpaper, and the results will be better under dry weather.</P>
<P>After installation, the flexible wet and dry mop mopping the floor during the spring rain season. And to open the window for ventilation, open air conditioners a few minutes a day can effectively prevent deformation and swelling caused by moisture in spring wood flooring. In the fall and winter season, when the weather is dry, the humidity of the mop can be appropriately increased to prevent the floor from drying too much and the floor contraction can cause the expansion joints to become larger. The humidifier can effectively prevent the floor from contracting.</P> "<a href=''>4 x 4 tongue and groove decking</a>,<a href=''>veranda vinyl wainscot sales training</a>,<a href=''>arrowood white lattice top fence</a>"