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<p>for consumers to have an in-depth understanding of the flooring industry and master the use and maintenance methods of flooring products.<a href=''>balcony wood tile stores in houston</a> It is understood that the "China Wood Flooring Industry Service Specification" released this time is an important measure for the flooring industry to improve the service system of the flooring industry after the introduction of the first industry service specification in 2005,[url=]deck veneer installation[/url] fully taking into account the </p>
<p>needs and expectations of enterprises and consumers.<a href=''>horizontal prefab fencing</a> It is pointed out that flooring companies should not only provide consumers with comprehensive pre-sales, sales and after-sales services; they should also establish a continuous and efficient training system for service personnel to ensure the service quality of enterprises;[url=]environmentally friendly resorts[/url] and should have modern service equipment and facilities. The ability to complete a commitment service. The aim is to </p>
<p>establish a complete service quality management system for wood flooring enterprises,<a href=''>ground wood process diagram booking</a> provide more clear requirements and guidance, and lay a solid foundation for guiding the overall improvement of the service level of the wood flooring industry. It is worth mentioning that, according to Tang Zhaoqun,[url=]wood railing price per foot india[/url] deputy secretary-general of the Flooring Professional Committee of the China National Forest Products Industry Association, in the </p>