Artist: Tea glaze incense burner

Tea dust glaze originated from the tang dynasty black glaze, initially appears to be burnt black glaze porcelain and the appearance of a special variety, not fired. Ming yuji factory produced tea glaze, glaze color yellow embellish, with black or dark brown spots, like eel in the skin color, called "eel yellow". Tea dust glaze is a kind of high temperature yellow glaze, usually the firing temperature is around 1300 degrees.

Tea dust has distinct characteristics, special enamel, not as pure as monochromatic glaze, its glaze yellow and green doping, green is called tea, yellow is the end. There is no tea that is eel yellow. And the yellow and green blend almost perfectly. This can be called tea dust glaze!

This furnace round mouth, drum abdomen, bearing three feet, simple and unsophisticated shape, elegant atmosphere. Apply tea dust glaze throughout. Bottom engraved "qing qianlong year" six - character book. Height: 13cm, abdominal diameter: 21.65cm, diameter: 20.05cm. Color slants green, true qianlong style, collection value is extremely high.

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