Artist: the roof insulation materials

<p>Polyurethane rigid foam polyurethane rigid foam is the main raw material of isocyanate and polyether, and then added a variety of additives to form a high molecular polymer; is a new synthetic material with thermal insulation and waterproof function, is currently all insulation materials One of the materials with the lowest thermal conductivity; mainly used in building <a href="">wood plastic composite products in Sri Lanka</a>exterior wall insulation, roof waterproofing and insulation integration, cold storage insulation, pipeline insulation materials, cold storage insulation. Rockwool slate wool board is an inorganic fiber board with good thermal insulation performance, sound absorption and fireproof performance. It belongs to new building materials.</p> <p> Because of its light weight and low thermal conductivity, it is widely used in textile metallurgy, electric power transportation and construction. Agriculture and other fields. Especially in the construction of large quantities, it provides a strong <a href="">100%25 Recycled WPC Wall Board</a> guarantee and support for Chinese architecture. Extruded plate extruded board is a foam molding material, has unparalleled thermal insulation properties, and also has high pressure resistance, non-absorption, wear resistance, etc. It is widely used in roof insulation systems, walls and exteriors. Insulation is one of the most cost-effective insulation materials.</p> <p> Polystyrene board polystyrene board full name polystyrene foam board, also known as EPS board, mainly processed by liquid foaming agent and polystyrene beads, commonly used in <a href="">europe sports field fence supplier</a> building wall, roof insulation, ship refrigeration equipment and refrigerator Insulation materials. Slurry insulation roof insulation material slurry insulation roof insulation material mainly uses polyphenylene granules, silicates, etc. as raw materials, processed and compounded, has the characteristics of thermal insulation, and is widely used for insulation inside walls. The slurry materials are divided into two types, one is a curing type mainly composed of a cement material, and the other is a dry type mainly based on water evaporation, and is a lightweight heat <a href="">3 5/16 wood exterior tongue and grove porch planks</a> insulating material.</p>