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<p>the standardized competition mechanism.<a href=''>home depot decking kits</a> The mutual benefit and win-win situation between enterprises will become a reality, and the whole industry will become more Can get healthy development. The new 2008 has arrived. On this occasion of the old and new, I hope that in this new year,[url=]composite fence pictures[/url] I will sum up experience and learn lessons, and push the flooring industry to a new track of healthy development. The benign interactive competition </p>
<p>is more and more vicious. There is less competition for it.<a href=''>picket fence made with pallets</a>The "Ou Dian incident" that occurred half a month ago not only exposed the ills of some exaggerated and false propaganda, but also the credibility of the flooring industry. After more than ten years of rapid development, China's wood flooring industry has a considerable scale of production and a relatively complete industrial system.[url=]wpc deck stain colors[/url] More than 3,000 flooring companies, 1 million </p>
<p>employees, and an annual output value of about 45 billion yuan.<a href=''>plastic tile roofing</a> This huge system should have been "floating red" in this year's renovation season, but it has suffered a strong "earthquake" in a nightmare. Remember to strive for "full transparency of production process, full transparency of product quality, full transparency of supervision mechanism,[url=]cheapest way to floor patio stone[/url] full transparency of product value, and full transparency of after-sales service." I hope that </p>