Artist: Chemical pump

<p>YMK series high-efficiency energy-saving and non-clogging chemical pump is improved on the basis of IH type chemical pump. Advanced foreign technology has been introduced into the sealing structure, which has changed the disadvantage that IH pump can only transport water-like medium (no impurities and particles) with advanced, scientific and unique sealing technology.</p>
<p>The pump can transport materials with solid content up to 35%; under normal conditions, continuous work 8000 hours without leakage, is 3-5 times the sealing effect of IH pump, and because the impeller is open structure, so it will not be blocked because of high solid content in the medium, the pump is the ideal equipment for conveying various materials in various industries.</p>
<p>As a corrosion-resistant chemical pump, our company can produce this pump with different materials according to different media. At present, it is usually made of 321, 304, 316, 316L, dual-phase steel, CD4MCu and other materials. The YMK type chemical pump can not add cooling water when the service temperature is less than 60 degrees C.</p>
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