Artist: Remote monitoring system for drainage pumping station

Scope of application:
The remote monitoring system of drainage pumping station is suitable for remote monitoring and management of urban drainage pumping stations. Pump station managers can monitor the working state of grille machines, water level of sewage pool, working state of pumping unit, outgoing flow rate and harmful gas concentration in the pool in the monitoring center of pump station management office remotely; support manual control, automatic control, remote control of grille machines, exhaust fans and lifting pumps start and stop; image monitoring Panoramic station and important work station.
System composition:
The remote monitoring system of drainage pumping station is mainly composed of monitoring center, communication platform, monitoring equipment of drainage pumping station, measurement and video equipment.
Communication platform:
There are two kinds of communication platforms in common use. One is wired communication. Each pressurized pump station rents optical fiber communication with the management office. The dispatching center, the monitoring center of the pump station and the functional departments communicate through the LAN. The communication platform can transmit continuous images. Second, wireless communication: each pressure pump station and dispatching center communicate with each other through GPRS wireless network, dispatching center, monitoring center of pumping station, each functional department communicate with each other through LAN, the communication platform can not transmit continuous images.
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