Artist: Structural principle of magnetic pump

The main components of the magnetic pump are pump body, impeller, internal magnetic, external magnetic steel, isolation sleeve, pump shaft, pump shaft and sliding bearing, rolling bearing, coupling and so on. The key component is "magnetic coupling". It consists of internal magnetic, outer magnetic steel and isolation sleeve. The selection of materials for internal and external magnetic steels has a great influence on the efficiency and reliability of magnetic pumps. The commonly used materials are as follows:
Rare earth cobalt is a new permanent magnet steel. Such as SM Co, Al Ni Co, praseodymium cobalt, mixed rare earth cobalt and rare cobalt copper. Its magnetic energy product can reach 80~ 240kl/m, magnetic transmission efficiency is high, and has strong anti demagnetization ability. Its coercivity HCT is 360~ 1200kA/m. The temperature can reach 300 degrees.
NdFeB is also a rare earth permanent magnet. The basic performance is similar to that of samarium cobalt, but the magnetic energy product is higher than that of samarium cobalt. The disadvantage is that the use temperature is only 120 degrees, and the magnetic stability is relatively poor. Ferrite was used as magnetic pump material in the early stage, but because the magnetic energy product is only 10-30 kj/m3, the temperature is only 85 C, and the magnetic transmission loss is also large, so it has been used less now.
The motor is connected through the coupling and the external magnetic field. The impeller is linked to the internal magnetic field. There is a fully sealed isolation sleeve between the internal and external magnets, which completely separates the internal and external magnets and makes the internal magnets in the medium. The shaft of the motor is directly driven by the magnetic attraction between the magnetic poles of the motor to synchronously rotate the impeller.
The performance of magnetic pump is similar to that of centrifugal pump, but the efficiency is low. Once the operation temperature of magnetic pump is higher than the allowable temperature of magnetic steel, demagnetization will happen. The magnetic pump generally uses a temperature of 100 degrees. The magnetic pump medium is not allowed to contain iron containing ferromagnetic impurities or hard impurities. In order to prevent the bearing and isolation sleeve from overheating or burning out, do not run empty, do not allow less than 30% of the rated flow.
Magnetic transmission is based on the magnet's ability to attract ferromagnetic materials and the magnetic interaction between magnets or magnetic fields. Non-ferromagnetic materials have little or no influence on the magnitude of magnetic force, so they can transmit power through non-magnetic conductors (isolation sleeves) contactlessly.
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