Artist: Safe operation of resistance furnace

<p>Resistance furnaces include box-type resistance furnaces, tubular resistance furnaces and atmosphere resistance furnaces, which belong to high-temperature heating equipment. During operation, the correct operating rules should be strictly followed to avoid damage caused by improper operation.</p>
<p>Share the knowledge of safe operation and maintenance of resistance furnace. <p>1. Before using resistance furnace, make sure that the power supply connector is in good contact and the insulation of power cord meets the requirements. </p>
<p>2. Limit switches installed near the door or cover of resistance furnace should ensure sensitive reaction. Once the door or cover of furnace is opened, the main circuit will be cut off immediately. </p>
<p>3. gas flow meters and pressure gauges equipped with controlled atmosphere resistance furnaces must be accurate and sensitive.</p>
<p>4. The resistance furnace with inflammable and explosive atmosphere should have a necessary interlocking device for the alarm of furnace temperature below 760 C to avoid explosion.</p>
<p>5. the explosion-proof safety device for controlling high temperature atmosphere furnace should be flexible and reliable. </p>
6. Water temperature, water pressure and flow relays should be installed in water-cooled resistance furnaces. When abnormal conditions occur, the main circuit power supply should be cut off and alarm signals issued. </p>
<p>7. the grounding bolts of the furnace body must be solid and reliable.</p>
<p> 8. there is a safe and reliable protective cover for the bare electric heater outside the furnace shell.</p>
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