Artist: What is the working principle of the air pump?

The working principle of the air pump is:
The suction port of the dissolved air pump can suck gas by negative pressure, so there is no need to use air compressor and air ejector.
High speed rotating pump impeller mixing liquid and gas, so no mixers and mixers. Due to the pressure mixing in the pump, the gas and liquid are fully dissolved, and the dissolution efficiency can reach 80~100%. Therefore, no high pressure dissolved gas tank or expensive reaction tower can be used to produce highly dissolving liquid. The gas-liquid ratio is about 1:9 (inspiratory capacity is 8-10%), which can increase the inspiratory capacity in series. A gas-liquid mixing pump can suck, mix, dissolve the gas-liquid mixture and send the highly dissolved liquid directly to the service point. The pump flow is 1-50 M3/H and the treatment volume is 1-150 M3/H. Therefore, the use of gas-liquid mixing pump can improve the efficiency of gas-liquid production, simplify the production equipment, save space, greatly reduce the initial investment, save operating costs and maintenance costs.
Performance of dissolved air pump:
Excellent gas liquid atomization effect and tiny bubbles can instantly turn water into white fog.
Overcome the shortcomings of the traditional gas supply equipment, such as large bubbles, easy convergence, fast rising speed and short residence time in water
The pump is pressurized and mixed. The gas is directly stirred by the impeller of the pump, and the gas liquid dissolution rate is over 95%.
Remove the use of air compressor, pressure pump, jet, high pressure dissolved gas tank, air-water mixer, release head and aeration pipe, save the investment of aeration facilities
The site can be moved at any time, eliminating the fixed aeration pipeline investment.
Rapid saturation of dissolved oxygen and energy saving.
Simple structure, few components, strong and durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain.
High efficiency, low noise and wide application area.
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