Artist: Construction and application of concrete pump truck

Concrete pump truck is one of the main equipments for transporting and pouring commercial concrete. With the continuous development of Engineering construction, there is more and more demand for construction machinery. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of concrete technology, concrete pump truck plays an increasingly important role in engineering construction. Because of the advanced technology of this kind of equipment, the maintenance and maintenance of pump truck are very complicated, so the use, maintenance and management personnel of this kind of equipment have higher requirements. In order to ensure that the concrete pump truck can achieve the required technical status, reduce maintenance costs, improve the reliability and life of use, it is necessary to carefully implement its use and maintenance regulations.
1.. Concrete pump truck requirements for concrete placement.
The selection of concrete pump truck should be considered comprehensively according to the concrete project object, characteristics, required maximum conveying capacity, maximum conveying distance, concrete construction plan, concrete pump form and specific conditions. Usually the main performance parameters of concrete pump truck should be in accordance with the construction requirements or slightly larger, if the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low; too small, not only can not meet the construction requirements, but also accelerate the loss of concrete pump truck.
Because of the flexibility of concrete pump truck, and the higher the boom height, the higher the pouring height and material distribution radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability, the concrete pump truck with high boom should be selected as far as possible in construction.
As a special vehicle, concrete pump truck should require safety, mechanical performance, after-sales service and spare parts supply of manufacturers because of its special functions. Otherwise, if an accident happens, it will not only affect the progress of construction, but also produce unimaginable consequences.

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