Artist: Steelmaking furnace

<p>The types of steelmaking furnaces are electric arc furnace, induction furnace, electroslag furnace, electron beam furnace, self-consuming electric arc furnace, etc. Generally speaking, EAF steel is made of basic electric arc furnace.<br />
EAF steel is used to produce high quality carbon structural steel, tool steel and alloy steel. This kind of steel has good quality and uniform performance. In the same carbon content, the strength and plasticity of EAF steel are better than those of open hearth steel. EAF steel is made of similar steel scrap as main material and sponge iron as part of scrap steel. The chemical composition and alloy element content were adjusted by adding ferroalloy.<br />
Electric furnace steelmaking with scrap as raw material has less capital investment than that of converter process. At the same time, the development of direct reduction provides metallized pellets to replace most scrap steel for electric furnace, which greatly promotes electric furnace steelmaking. There are about 1400 large electric furnaces in the world. The electric furnaces are developing towards large-scale, ultra-high power and computer automatic control. The maximum capacity of electric furnaces is 400 tons.<br />
Over 150 tons of electric furnaces abroad are almost used to smelt ordinary steel. In many countries, 60-80% of the output of electric furnaces steel is low carbon steel. Due to the shortage of power and scrap, China is mainly used for smelting high quality steel and alloy steel.</p>
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