Artist: Self suction sewage pump

The mechanical seal of self-priming sewage pump is made of new hard and corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material. Meanwhile, the seal is improved to double-end seal, so that it can be operated in oil chamber for a long time, which can make the pump run safely and continuously for more than 8000 hours. Self-priming non-blocking sewage pump has compact overall structure, small volume, low noise, remarkable energy-saving effect, convenient maintenance, no need to build a pump house, the self-priming sewage pump can work in water, greatly reducing the project cost. The sealing oil chamber of self-priming sewage pump is equipped with high precision anti-jamming leakage detection sensor, and the thermal sensor is embedded in the stator winding to absolutely protect the pump motor.
Performance parameters:
Traffic: 6-800m3/h;
Lift: 14m-80m;
The ambient temperature is less than 50 degrees, and the medium temperature is less than 80 degrees.
Medium weight is not more than 1050 kg /m3;
The total length of suction pipe is less than 10m;
The diameter of the suspended particles is 10% of the caliber of the pump, and the length of the fiber is 5 times of the caliber of the pump.
Automatic mixing sewage pump
The automatic stirring sewage pump is an automatic stirring device based on the ordinary sewage pump. The device rotates with the motor shaft and produces strong stirring force. The sediment in the sewage pool is stirred into suspended substance and discharged from the suction pump. The anti-blocking and sewage discharge capacity of the pump is improved. The drainage, cleaning, silting removal and saving are completed at one time. The operation cost is an environmentally friendly product with obvious advanced nature and usability. Note: It is an ordinary automatic stirring sewage pump; it is an automatic stirring sewage pump with stainless steel jacket inner circulation cooling system.
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