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With the rise of modern industry, the construction mode with concrete as the main material has become one of the main structures of construction industry. It occupies a large proportion in all kinds of construction projects, which makes the development of concrete machinery enduring and increasingly fierce. The towed concrete pump, referred to as the towed pump, is one of various concrete machinery, which is used in the transportation and pouring of concrete construction.
Usually, a concrete pump has the following main technical parameters: conveying displacement, outlet pressure, power and distribution valve form. According to the new national standard, these main parameters can be obtained from the model of concrete pump.
1, gate valve trailer pump type parameter meaning:
A, e.g. HBT30-45Z III, HBT-represents the towed concrete pump; 30-represents the maximum theoretical square of 30 cubic meters per hour; 45-represents the motor power of 45 kilowatts; Z-represents the gate valve pump; and III-represents the third generation of products.
B, for example, HBT70C III and HBT60D III, D - for electric pumps; C - for diesel pumps.
2, S valve drag pump type parameter meaning:
For example, HBT80.13-130RS, HBT on behalf of trailer concrete pump; 80 represents the maximum hourly volume of 80 cubic meters of theory; 13 represents the outlet pressure of 13 MPa; 130, on behalf of the diesel engine power of 130 kilowatts; R represents S on behalf of S diesel engine; valve pump.
3, butterfly valve drag pump type: (to be added)
In fact, there is no uniform standard at home and abroad. Each manufacturer has its own way of naming.
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