Artist: Piston concrete pump truck

1. before starting up
(1) check the adequacy of engine oil, cooling water, clutch fluid, hydraulic oil and cleaning water. The control rods of concrete pumps should be placed in the middle position. Obey the driving rules. ·
(2) when the concrete pump truck arrives at the construction site, it should be put on the horizontal dense ground. It is not allowed to park on the slope to prevent the occurrence of automatic sliding.
(3) The lower parts of the front and rear legs of the pump truck should be padded with thick wooden boards so that each leg can bear uniform force and reduce the pressure on the ground. After stopping, the two front wheels of the pump truck are landed to reduce the load of the front leg cylinder and increase the stability of the pump truck.
(4) When pumping concrete vertically, a horizontal straight pipe more than 10m long should be laid between the outlet of the pump truck and the vertical riser.
(5) the pump boom is usually made of three folding arms. In the transportation state, the three boom is tortuous back and forth. When the site moves in short distance, the third boom must be retracted. The first and second booms should be moved back to the rear of the pump truck and lowered to the horizontal position. The rotating support device of the distribution rod should be locked, allowing the pump truck to move slowly at a speed lower than 10 km/h, so as to ensure the stability of the pump truck when it moves. Of course, it is best to shrink the boom and move it again.
(6) confirm that concrete meets pump requirements. Generally, the slump of concrete is 5~23cm. When using 100mm conveyor pipe, the maximum particle size of aggregate should not exceed 25mm, and when using 125mm conveyor pipe, the maximum particle size of aggregate should not exceed 40mm. ·
(7) when the wind speed is above 10m/s (Grade 5 wind), the use of cloth poles is prohibited.
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