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The simplest unloading elements are manually controlled. The spring enables the unloading valve to be connected or closed. When the valve is operated, the valve's on-off state is well switched. Lever or other mechanical mechanism is the simplest way to operate this valve.
Guidance (pneumatic or hydraulic) unloading valves are an improvement in the mode of operation because they can be remotely controlled. Its greatest progress is the solenoid valve controlled by electric or electronic switch. It can be controlled not only by remote control, but also by computer automatic control. It is generally considered that this simple unloading technology is the best application.
Manual-operated unloading components are often used in circuits requiring large flow and fast action for fast action and reducing flow for precise control, such as fast telescopic boom loops. Fig. 1 shows that when the unloading valve of the loop is not operated by a signal, the loop always outputs large flow. For normally open valves, the normal circuit will output small flow.
Pressure sensing unloading valve is the most common option. As shown in Fig. 2, the spring action makes the unloading valve at its large flow location. When the loop pressure reaches the preset value of the relief valve, the relief valve opens and the unloading valve switches to its low flow position under the action of hydraulic pressure and pressure. Pressure sensing unloading circuit is mostly used in the hydraulic cylinder with high pressure and low speed at the end of the journey. Pressure sensing unloading valve base is basically an automatic unloading component to achieve system pressure, which is widely used in range splitter and hydraulic vise.
The unloading valve in the discharge sensing unloading circuit is also pressed by the spring to the large flow location. The size of the fixed throttle hole in the valve is determined according to the required flow rate of the engine optimum speed of the equipment. If the engine speed exceeds this optimum range, the throttle orifice pressure drop will increase, thus shifting the unloading valve to a small flow position. Therefore, the adjacent components of the large flow pump can be made to throttle the maximum flow, so the circuit has less energy consumption, stable operation and low cost. Typical applications of this loop are to limit the optimal range of loop flow to improve the performance of the whole system, or to limit the loop pressure during high-speed running of the machine. Often used in garbage trucks.
The unloading valve of the pressure and flow sensing unloading circuit is also from the spring pressure to the large flow position. Whether it reaches the predetermined pressure or flow, it will unload. The equipment can perform high voltage work at idle or normal working speed. This feature reduces unnecessary traffic and reduces the required power. Because this circuit has a wide range of load and speed, it is often used for digging equipment.
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