Artist: Mining concrete pump

At present, concrete construction such as underground mine shaft wall/pump house is mainly constructed by mechanical spray pump construction or manual pouring construction. The main drawbacks of using mechanical spray pump construction are: complex structure / easy to break / poor construction quality and low efficiency. Defects of pouring concrete by manual construction: a large number of racks are required/labor strength/poor construction quality/inefficiency. However, due to the large volume/complex structure/high cost, the concrete pump used on the construction site is not suitable for the narrow construction work under the mine.

This product is designed according to the reality that the underground coal mine diverticulum and the roadway space are narrow and the equipment must be explosion-proof. The purpose is to transport the finished concrete through the pipeline to the pouring place. It is mainly used for concrete pouring works of underground diverticulum and roadway, and can also be used for concrete transportation and pouring operations of other projects. Such as tunnels / bridges and culverts / ground buildings.

In addition to underground concrete construction (coal concrete pump / metal mine concrete pump / copper mine concrete pump / phosphate rock concrete pump / iron ore concrete pump / aluminum ore concrete pump / tin ore concrete pump) can also be used for railways and highways Concrete construction for tunnels/bridges/hydropower/mines/high-rise buildings and national defense projects.
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