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Generally speaking, the air conditioning system is designed according to full load, but in actual operation, the full-load operation time is less than 3%, and the air-conditioning equipment runs far below the rated load for most of the time. Under partial load, although the chiller can adjust the corresponding cooling output according to the actual load, the flow configuration of the conventional chilled water system on the evaporator side of the chiller is fixed, and the chilled water flow of the system does not follow the actual load change. Changes, chilled water pump energy consumption also did not decrease with the actual load reduction.

In the variable flow system, the chilled water flow of the system is not fixed according to the full load of water, but the water flow is reduced at part load, and the energy consumption of the chilled water pump is reduced, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving. . Under the premise that the pipeline system is fixed, the efficiency characteristics of the variable frequency water pump are close to the resistance characteristics of the water system. Theoretically, the energy consumption of the pump and the flow rate are in a cubic relationship, so the energy saving and consumption reduction potential of the variable flow system is obvious. The main feature of the secondary pump variable flow system is to divide the traditional primary circulation pump of the air conditioning system into two stages. The primary pump is responsible for overcoming the resistance of the cold side. One time corresponds to the chiller. The designed flow rate of the pump is the rated flow of the chiller evaporator. Through reasonable calculation and selection, the primary pump runs at the optimum efficiency. The secondary pump is used to overcome the resistance at the end and can be separately set on different end loops. The secondary pump can be independently controlled and frequency-converted according to the change of the loop load.
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