Artist: Venous foot pump

Performance characteristics:
It has two therapeutic functions: pressure circulation therapy and pulse pressure therapy (arteriovenous foot pump).
Pulse therapy and circulatory therapy can work independently while treating two patients at the same time.
Circulation therapy function: 7 optional modes and 4 prefabricated modes. Various treatment modes are available
Combination, combination of appropriate department treatment model and each patient's treatment model
Cyclic Therapeutic Pressure Function: Each Cavity Pressure Individually Adjustable
Single pulse stamping speed less than 0.2 seconds
Two 4-chamber sleeves and two air cushions can be connected at the same time.
Tablet computer display, Android operating system, easy to operate, exquisite painting quality
Scope of adaptation:
Prevention of deep venous thrombosis
Promoting limb circulation
Eliminate swelling and relieve pain
Rehabilitation of paralyzed and uncomfortable limbs
Postoperative rehabilitation in orthopaedics, general medicine and cerebral palsy
Venous insufficiency and varicosity
Lower limb ulcer and intermittent claudication
Prevention of diabetic-induced peripheral inflammation
Lymphedema of upper limbs after radical mastectomy
Pregnancy edema and other primary and mixed edema
Neurological Injury, Long-term Bed-rest and Rehabilitation of Elderly Patients
Fractures, soft tissue injuries, femoral head necrosis, etc.
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