Artist: Automobile booster pump

The main working principle: When the vehicle is steering, the torque (steering) sensor will "feel" the moment of the steering wheel and the direction of the quasi-rotation. These signals will be sent to the electronic control unit through the data bus. The electronic control unit will send the action instructions to the motor controller according to the data signals such as the transmission moment and the direction of the quasi-rotation, so that the motor will output the phase according to the specific needs. The rotating moment should be large and large, resulting in power steering. If it does not turn, the system will not work and will be in standby (dormant) state waiting for invocation. Because of the working characteristics of electric power steering, you will feel that driving such a car has a better sense of direction and a more stable high-speed, that is to say, the direction does not drift. And because it doesn't turn around and doesn't work, it saves energy to some extent. Generally, high-end cars use such power steering system more.
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