Artist: brake master cylinder

When the main brake cylinder is not working, the piston head and the leather bowl in the front and rear chambers are located between their respective bypass holes 10 and 11. The elastic force of the front cylinder piston return spring is greater than that of the back cylinder piston return spring to ensure that both pistons are in the correct position when they are not working.
When braking, the driver pushes down the brake pedal, the pedal force is transmitted to the push rod 15 through the transmission mechanism, and the piston 12 of the rear cylinder moves forward. After the skin bowl covers the bypass hole, the pressure of the rear chamber rises. Under the action of rear chamber hydraulic pressure and rear cylinder spring force, the front cylinder piston 7 moves forward, and the front chamber pressure also increases. When the brake pedal continues to be pushed down, the hydraulic pressure of the front and rear chambers continues to increase, resulting in braking of the front and rear brakes.
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